Reactions Conference, the best B2B event of 2017, is coming back to Forum Karlin

The second year of the best B2B event of 2017, conference Reactions, will give you answers to these questions and more.

Reactions Conference, the best B2B event of 2017 is coming back to Forum Karlin

The second annual Reactions conference, organized by Unipetrol, will take place on 11, October 2018, at Forum Karlín in Prague. The theme of this year’s conference is Innovation in the Automotive Industry. The conference will include presentations from industry influencers, panel discussions with international innovators and intriguing partner expositions. In addition to the main program, visitors will have the opportunity to explore a virtual version of a city of the future, Polymer Smart City, examine the hydrogen fueled car Toyota Mirai, or challenge an industrial robot from the company FANUC in a game of foosball.   This year’s conference partners will be Benzina, Toyota Europe, ELAI, ICUK, and FANUC. Gregory Haye, materials and process expert at Local Motors, will delve into the future of automobiles and new polymer applications in the automotive industry and talk about the Ollie Shuttle, a vehicle from Local Motors made by 3D printing. Subsequent presentations will introduce Stephan Herbst, the General Director of Toyota Motor Europe, Ivan Hodáč, founder and vice-president of the Aspen Institute in Prague, and Manuel Assali, vice-president of chemical industry consultancy Nexant. The second part of the program will feature complementary panel discussions with specialists. Watching them deliberate differing perspective on topics such as the future of polymers in car design, alternative fuels, circular economy and the geopolitical context of automotive and refinery industries is sure to intrigue the audience. The petrochemical industry is a profoundly investment oriented industry and the most innovative pillar of the manufacturing sector. It therefore comes as no surprise that Unipetrol, an undeniable leader on the Czech petrochemical market and owner of the largest chain of petrol stations, should facilitate this unique platform for scientists, field experts, various businesses and associations to share their visions and ideas. “The automotive industry is full of innovation and is rapidly moving forward. At Unipetrol, we significantly contribute to this progress. We are constantly improving the quality and effectiveness of automobile manufacturing materials and, at the same time developing future alternative fuels, especially hydrogen. The Reactions Conference gives us an opportunity to acquaint the public with current trends in the automotive industry as well as our own contribution” states Tomáš Herink, executive director responsible for investment, research and development at Unipetrol.

Guests will be guided through the conference by last year’s rousing duo, Michael Londesborough and Emma Smetana. For more information and to purchase tickets to the conference, visit